The discovery phase of every project determines the success of the outcome. Our engineers and designers will work closely with your team to identify the practical and aesthetic requirements of the task. Ideas flow both ways during this process, so that the tensile structure design receives the benefit of combined thinking power.

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Structurflex is uniquely qualified to tackle the design and engineering requirements of your tensile structure project. We are the world’s leading innovator in the development of clear ETFE technologies, lightweight building facades, and classic tensile membrane structures.

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Structurflex’s experience with fabric manufacturing dates back to its ship sail-making days in the 1930s. We’ve come a long way and we continue to explore the most innovative design, engineering and manufacturing techniques.

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After all the hard work in design, engineering and fabrication, it’s time to see the original vision come to reality! Structurflex installers are highly trained and very specialized. It takes a special knowledge to build a fabric structure in the proper way.

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“Structurflex was brought on board early, as a design-assist partner on the Rio Tinto stadium to provide input on fabric (PTFE and coated-PES) options, cost and budget data, connection detailing, and wind and snow loading concerns. They worked hand-in-hand with both the structural engineer and steel fabricator throughout the design and shop drawing stages, so that any issues with connections, ice dams, snow guards, gutters, etc. were handled in the 3D modeling phase, and not out in the field where it could impact this critical path activity.”

Gene Fatur, Project Executive, Rio Tinto Soccer Stadium, Utah


A substantial part of Structurflex engineering and design activity is dedicated to conceptual design. Once the big idea is right, we add the detail required to turn vision into reality. Our design team will be thoroughly conversant with the building control rules that apply to your location, so you can be confident that there won’t be any expensive re-designing down the track for your fabric structure.

Our designers actively participate in tensile structure design forums, to ensure they get the stimulus and input required to push boundaries. Continuous improvement is embedded in our culture, and that means that our commercial canopies and other tensile structures can offer the maximum benefit.



Implementation of your solution draws on other resources within our skill base. Our installation teams are experienced, precise and dedicated to on-time delivery. You can trust us to adhere to the highest quality standards and to ensure the longevity and ongoing usefulness of your tensile membrane structure.

“Seventeen service stations were constructed within a very short period in localities ranging from Wellington to Auckland. All stations were to be ready for opening at the same time. This required significant effort by Structurflex to ensure the supporting steel framework and fabric canopies were fabricated, delivered to each site and erected in accord with the program and our client’s expectations.”

Fletcher Construction, New Zealand


Structurflex can design and deliver a post-project maintenance program to keep your tensile structure safe, clean and attractive.

Most of our commercial tensile canopy and tension membrane structures have a lifespan in excess of 25 years, provided they are well-maintained.

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Canopy Installed at Denver Civic Center Station

As part of downtown Denver’s Civic Center Station revitalization project, Structurflex has engineered, fabricated and installed three unique tensile membrane canopies with PTFE-coated fiberglass. Scheduled to open in December, the Civic Center Station is the main transportation hub for the Denver RTD (Regional Transportation District). The PTFE coated-fiberglass membrane on the roof becomes a beacon […]

Structurflex Americas and Structurflex New Zealand Celebrate Ward Parkway Restaurant Pavilion Grand Opening [PHOTOS]

On October 26, Structurflex Americas celebrated the grand opening of the Ward Parkway Restaurant Pavilion. Joining the Structurflex Americas team to observe the grand opening were Structurflex New Zealand’s Murray Higgs, Director, and Simon Higgs, Managing Director. The unseasonably warm and sunny day allowed guests to experience firsthand the solar glare and heat reduction provided […]

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