The tensile membrane canopies by Structurflex provide unparalleled solutions for train and transit-oriented design. Institutions, communities, and architects that are looking to create an iconic signature place to mark their station can utilize our canopy solutions to:

  • Create 24-hour appeal and recognition (including the nighttime glow from the lit canopy)
  • Provide protection from rain, wind, heat and other environmental elements

Our canopies and enclosures are lighter weight because of their fabric composition—they weigh about 1% of a comparable glass solution. The weight of the canopy also means that there is less structure necessary which ultimately reduces the overall cost.

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West Hills Medical Office Building

The five-story, 60’s era West Hills Medical Office Building in Los Angeles was due for an exterior facelift. A complete exterior renovation by Michael W. Folonis Architects revealed that water infiltration had caused structural damage to the existing horizontal plaster awnings; removing them was a costly process that consumed much of the project budget. This […]

KieranTimberlake: Printed Tensile Cladding at Rice University

We are pleased to have collaborated with KieranTimberlake and the outfit of a parking structure on the Rice University Campus. In their blog post, they describe the concepts they employed to create an iconic sculptural element. For more details see the KieranTimberlake blog post.

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