Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) provides uncompromised and unequalled beauty, longevity, and functionality when it comes to tension fabrics and is the most durable membrane used in tensile membrane systems. It’s comprised of a woven glass fiber base fabric which is covered with PTFE. Environmental contaminants and ultraviolet light don’t affect the membrane, and it’s fire resistant. PTFE’s lifespan consistently reaches more than 30 years.


PTFE stands the test of time. It was invented in 1938 when Roy Plunkett worked for DuPont in New Jersey. He accidentally discovered the material when he was trying to make a chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant and the tetrafluoroethylene gas in an iron pressure bottle stopped flowing before the bottle emptied. Plunkett sawed the bottle in half and found a white, waxy, slippery material. Analysis revealed that it was polymerized perfluoroethylene, and Kinetic Chemicals patented the new material in 1941.


PTFE is extremely versatile. Since PTFE’s discovery, it has been used for aerospace, computer, and construction applications. Structurflex used PTFE coated fabric on the Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Denver Union Station in Denver, Colorado.


PTFE-coated fiberglass is the perfect material for many projects. It is translucent, but still screens out ultraviolet rays and excess heat. The membrane allows natural light to reach the people below it, and because PTFE-coated fiberglass is so transparent, it can become a stage for beautiful and dramatic lighting effects. Your project is ultimately about the people it serves, and PTFE will provide that service for years to come.

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Daily’s Place Flex Field

The second phase of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida is now complete: a 94,000 square- foot indoor practice “flex field.” The flex field includes a regulation-sized football field that will make it possible for the Jacksonville Jaguars football team to practice on the field year-round. Five cameras are installed throughout so the team can film […]

Rice University Parking Garage Progress

The installation of the tensile mesh facade on the Rice University parking garage in Houston, Texas is underway. Located south of Allen Center, the seven-story, 159,500 sq ft parking garage will be clad in an extremely strong coated PES tensile mesh screening custom printed to realize the architects’ vision. Project architect KieranTimberlake wanted the appearance […]

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