Tensile structures are cost-effective solutions to create facades, building envelopes, open air canopies, stadia, athletic facilities, special use facilities, interiors, sculptures, and environmental response structures. To explore implementations of each kind of project, please click on each of the segments below.



Tensile facades are an innovative, cost-effective way to incorporate screening and shading to office buildings, parking garages, and stadiums. These tensile materials are an economical alternative to perforated metal and metal mesh, at 50% of the cost of installed screening.

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Building Envelopes

Tensile building envelopes have the ability to synthesize form, expression, and utility. They complement the existing architecture and natural environment, and are a more cost-effective solution.

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Amphitheaters created by the tensile membrane canopies of Structurflex provide design flexibility to achieve iconic forms.

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Train & Transit-Oriented Design

The tensile membrane canopies by Structurflex provide unparalleled solutions for train and transit-oriented design.
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Airport Canopies

The experience of the airport begins as the passenger arrives at the terminal. Providing a canopy to protect from the environmental elements is important to creating a positive first step in the travel process.
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Open Air Projects

Open air structures provide the best parts of an outdoor experience with protection from the elements. Whether you’re designing a golf resort, amphitheatre, outdoor mall, or even a wharf, tensile membrane structures provide year-round protection from solar glare, heat, rain, and snow.

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Stadiums & Athletic Facilities

Whether a stadium or an indoor athletic facility, tensile fabric solutions create optimal environments for both spectators and athletes. From the optimization of daylight to shading and thermal control, there’s no sport that can’t benefit from tensile fabric.

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Temporary Facilities

Special use structures fabricated from tensile materials combine the thoughtful presence of a permanent structure with the economy, easy assembly, and mobility of a temporary structure.

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Transform an interior space with sculpted tensile fabric elements. Lightweight and economical, tensile fabric can be customized to create a unique visual experience.

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Public Art

Tensile membranes are an ideal choice for iconic outdoor sculptures and public art. They can be formed into almost any shape and retain their structure over time without any slacking or buckling.

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Environmental & Other Projects

Tensile fabrics can create solutions to common environmental disasters. Lightweight and easy to transport, tensile fabrics are ideal for rapidly creating easy-to-assemble command facilities and emergency response shelters in times of environmental crisis. Our experience designing, engineering, and fabricating oil booms, flexidams and tanks, waste containment bunds, and geomembranes means we can respond quickly and effectively.

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KieranTimberlake: Printed Tensile Cladding at Rice University

We are pleased to have collaborated with KieranTimberlake and the outfit of a parking structure on the Rice University Campus. In their blog post, they describe the concepts they employed to create an iconic sculptural element. For more details see the KieranTimberlake blog post.

The Increasing Importance of Durability

While tensile fabric has several distinct advantages over more traditional materials like glass, one of the most important may be its ability to withstand severe weather events. Our tensile structures and tensile facades  in Miami, Jacksonville, Houston, Fort Worth, Waco, and Atlanta did not sustain any damage or require any repair despite enduring events ranging […]

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