Amphitheaters created by the tensile membrane canopies of Structurflex provide design flexibility to achieve iconic forms. These spaces are also remarkable for their ability to:

  • Have large spans allowing for unobstructed views
  • Provide protection from the sun and rain while still allowing for a desirable amount of daylight to be present. 

With seemingly limitless opportunities for design ingenuity, it allows for cost-effective solutions that require less structure because of the durable lightweight fabric material. 

Find out how Structurflex can solve your next amphitheater challenge.

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KieranTimberlake: Printed Tensile Cladding at Rice University

We are pleased to have collaborated with KieranTimberlake and the outfit of a parking structure on the Rice University Campus. In their blog post, they describe the concepts they employed to create an iconic sculptural element. For more details see the KieranTimberlake blog post.

The Increasing Importance of Durability

While tensile fabric has several distinct advantages over more traditional materials like glass, one of the most important may be its ability to withstand severe weather events. Our tensile structures and tensile facades  in Miami, Jacksonville, Houston, Fort Worth, Waco, and Atlanta did not sustain any damage or require any repair despite enduring events ranging […]

Our Turnkey Process:

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