Structurflex’s experience with fabric manufacturing dates back to its ship sail-making days in the 1930s. We’ve come a long way and we continue to explore the most innovative design, engineering and manufacturing techniques.

As a specialty subcontractor, our work reaches a diverse market and wide geography. Due to the lightness and portability of our systems, our market has no geographic boundaries. Much of Structurflex’s work is used for sports, events, entertainment and exhibitions. We have been building custom tensile membrane structures for 30 years and have completed projects around the globe.

Our work is part of an overall larger building process where Structurflex serves as the specialty contractor for lightweight tensile structures.

All Structurflex projects designed to local and international building codes.

Membrane materials range from PTFE Fiberglass, ETFE, PVC-PES, and tensile mesh.

Our membranes have a life expectancy of 20 to 40 years.

We offer a wide range of warranty options and long-term service agreements if desired by ownership.

Light transmission of 15% or more eliminates the need for artificial lighting by filtering in natural daytime lighting.

The membrane system is virtually maintenance free.

Pneumatic air inflated cushion systems may require periodic inspections.

All membrane systems are fabricated in our ISO 9001 facilities.


Currently Structurflex has operations in New Zealand, the United States, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Brazil. But our expertise is not limited to these countries. We’re keen to take on projects anywhere in the world. The practical knowledge we’ve gained over more than 75 years of working with technical membrane materials has led to a very impressive portfolio of successfully executive tensile membrane structures.

Our fabrication facilities in New Zealand and Malaysia employ 30+ staff. We have a mix of welding machines ranging from high-frequency welders to hot air and wedge welding machines. We also have high-end fabric plotters ranging up to 60′ long x 10′ wide (18m x 3m). Our custom built facilities are designed for quality and efficiency.

We fabricate all types of architectural fabrics and films including PTFE, PVC PES, ETFE, PVC mesh, and PTFE mesh.


Tropical Rain Forest in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is pretty far from the tropics. Structurflex provided the ETFE triple-layer architecture that made it possible to recreate a tropical rain forest in upstate New York. SOUTH AMERICAN CLIMATE EXTREMES INDOORS Structurflex met the challenge of creating the weather extremes of an Amazonian rain forest in upstate New York — a place […]

KC Live! Entertainment District Gets an ETFE Roof

A VAST, VISUALLY-PLEASING MEMBRANE FOR PREMIER ENTERTAINMENT DESTINATION KC Live! in Kansas City, Missouri is the Midwest’s premier entertainment destination. It encompasses an entire city block with two levels of taverns, nightspots and world-class restaurants, and includes a concert stage where internationally-known artists play to the masses during the warm summer months. COMING IN UNDER […]

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