Tensile Facades (also called textile, fabric or flexible facades) are an innovative, long lasting, cost effective alternative to traditional metal mesh façade screens (as low as a 1/3 of the cost).  This exterior “2nd skin” building system acts as a screening or shading device.  Tensile Façades can come in various forms and shapes and can span great distances with less structural support than traditional materials.  It typically consists of an clean modern aluminum framing system, custom steel brackets (if required) and a cladding material that is either a tensile mesh, tensile membrane or tensile clear foil (Coated-PES, PTFE Fiberglass, or ETFE Foil).  Many manufacturer cladding materials are 100% recyclable and have a minimum of a 10-year warranty and 18 to 30-year life expectancy.

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Buildings featuring tensile structures have the ability to explore technology and form, ultimately resulting in structures that resonate with the community and complement existing architecture as well as the natural environment.

Structurflex systems are cost effective when compared to conventional structures, as their innovative form and inherent efficiencies lead to a reduction in the building materials required to build the structure.

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Tropical Rain Forest in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is pretty far from the tropics. Structurflex provided the ETFE triple-layer architecture that made it possible to recreate a tropical rain forest in upstate New York. SOUTH AMERICAN CLIMATE EXTREMES INDOORS Structurflex met the challenge of creating the weather extremes of an Amazonian rain forest in upstate New York — a place […]

KC Live! Entertainment District Gets an ETFE Roof

A VAST, VISUALLY-PLEASING MEMBRANE FOR PREMIER ENTERTAINMENT DESTINATION KC Live! in Kansas City, Missouri is the Midwest’s premier entertainment destination. It encompasses an entire city block with two levels of taverns, nightspots and world-class restaurants, and includes a concert stage where internationally-known artists play to the masses during the warm summer months. COMING IN UNDER […]

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