When compared to metal mesh or perforated metal, tensile mesh facades are a cost-effective alternative (as low as 1/3 of the cost of metal mesh).


With the push to make our built environment as health as possible, Structurflex has been in the forefront of bringing new and innovative solutions to market. Tensile mesh facades provide the following benefits towards a greener tomorrow:

  • 100% Recyclable – most meshes on the market are recyclable and the manufacturers have specific recycling programs to ensure the end life products are properly recycled into new projects.
  • Dramatic Energy Savings – Tensile meshes are a great solution as a 2nd skin building material to reduce solar heat gain into a building and thus dramatically reduce the need and expense of mechanically cooling a building. Typically one end of a building is too hot and another is too cool. Tensile mesh facades aid in regulatory solar heat gain thus improving the comfort of a buildings’ occupants.
  • Controlled Natural Light – View out are maintained and unobstructed. Natural light streams in while glare and heat are reduced. Glare is an important aspect especially when most stare at computer screens all day.


Textile mesh makes a great building façade material for diverse industrial applications. Our design and engineering process will ensure that your end product will meet your project’s practical and aesthetic challenges. Our unrivaled customer focus ensures that our team will work closely with yours to get the project done not only to our high standards, but to yours.


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