Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is a transparent extruded film, or foil, with light transmission that’s similar to glass. ETFE’s advantage lies in that it is 99 percent lighter than glass. Its lifespan is over 20 years, and it has excellent weathering properties, which makes it clear why ETFE has been used in high-profile projects and sports stadiums throughout the world.


ETFE is very versatile. It can be applied in a single-layer which is reinforced with small stainless steel cables. Lightweight aluminum extrusions are used at perimeters to stabilize the material and maintain its shape. Its application can also be in double or triple layer cushions which is supported by lightweight aluminum extrusions. Low-pressure air fills the cushions and provides structural support and thermal insulation against snow and wind. Reinforcement can be added through small cables if needed. ETFE cushions can span up to 200 feet in length, and to 15 feet in width.


ETFE offers a host of benefits when contrasted to lower-quality materials.

  • Transparency – ETFE offers exceptional light transmission and allows for ultra-violet rays to pass through, making for an excellent greenhouse material that facilitates plant growth.
  • Longevity – ETFE does not degrade under exposure to environmental pollution, sunlight, temperature extremes, or harsh chemicals.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Because ETFE is lightweight, designing concrete foundations and structural support systems is more efficient. ETFE’s transparency means that it provides ample natural daylight, thus, minimizing energy costs by decreasing the demand on artificial indoor light.


Structurflex has used ETFE for projects around the world, such as the canopy at KC Live! in Kansas City, Missouri and the courtyard cover at the Auckland Fish Market in Auckland, New Zealand. Our design and fabrication process in conjunction with ETFE’s superiority make ETFE systems from Structurflex an excellent choice for your project.


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