Coated-PES membranes are a polyester base fabric coated with PVC. They often have additional protective PVDF fluoropolymer coatings on both sides, which helps protect the surface, and also creates an easy-to-clean membrane. This fabric is very common in tensile architecture with a lifespan of more than 20 years, and coated-PES fabric typically offers the best value overall. It’s an ideal choice for both permanent and temporary structures.


Coated-PES polyester is used to create beautifully shaped tensile fabric structures with a variety of color options. It can even have graphics printed on it.

Coated PES polyester has been used on structures in every environment all over the world. It’s been applied to covered walkways, outdoor classrooms, event spaces, stadiums, and entrances. Structurflex has used coated-PES polyester in a stunning red for the Anish Kapoor Tensile Structure Sculpture in Gibbs Farm, New Zealand, and the Indian Wells Tennis Garden Pavilion in Palm Springs, California, and the roof of the Auckland Netball Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Auckland Netball Centre is a shining example of coated-PES polyester’s versatility. The roof combines metal and coated-PES polyester to create a roof that generates a high level of natural light, eliminating the need for excess bright, heat-generating roof lights.


Coated-PES polyester is fire resistant and it meets many energy code standards set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the the United States Department of Energy. Coated-PES polyester stands up to temperature and weather extremes, and it also allows for natural daylight to pass through, because it is partially translucent. It’s also recyclable and resistant to mildew.


Daily’s Place Amphitheater

The latest place to see our work is Jacksonville, Florida, at the newly opened Daily’s Place Amphitheater. Daily’s Place seats 5,500 people and is connected to both EverBank Field football stadium and a brand new 94,000 square foot indoor football practice field. The exterior structure of Daily’s Place is formed from 67,000 square feet of […]

Tropical Rain Forest in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is pretty far from the tropics. Structurflex provided the ETFE triple-layer architecture that made it possible to recreate a tropical rain forest in upstate New York. SOUTH AMERICAN CLIMATE EXTREMES INDOORS Structurflex met the challenge of creating the weather extremes of an Amazonian rain forest in upstate New York — a place […]

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